But it has long since stopped intercepting radio signals, the former agent’s nest is empty.

But it has long since stopped intercepting radio signals, the former agent’s nest is empty.

From there, hike via Höbing, an idyllic place on the Goldsteig feeder path with a parking lot for hikers. You can then walk to Goldsteig in about an hour.

At Berggasthof Eck, follow the Goldsteig symbol (white and blue signs with a winding gold stripe) to the Riedelstein, which is 1,132 meters high. Then on the summit you will find that "Waldschmidt memorial" dedicated to the Bavarian Forest poet Maximilian Schmidt. You pass them in the style of a mountaineer "Smoke tubes"Rock and reach the Steinbühler dies. Here, hikers can enjoy particularly beautiful distant views, including those of the Zellertal. When you return, you can later take a hiking bus to Arnbruck. (Hiking in the Alps: The Most Spectacular Gorges)

If you want to discover many sights on an excursion and get to know two countries, then the Tauern Cycle Path is ideal for a bike tour. It begins in Austria and ends in Passau. Along the bike route: some intermediate stops worth seeing.

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Bike route planner: find the most beautiful bike tour for free. These are the ten most popular bike paths in Germany in 2013. Cycling on Germany’s most beautiful rivers Bike tour through the Alps: Climb mountains on a mountain bike

Sights on the Tauern Cycle Path

The starting point of the route is the municipality of Krimml in Austria. Right at the beginning there is the first sight: the Krimml waterfalls, which are considered to be the highest in Central Europe. The drizzle reaches you on the bike path and provides a refreshing cooling off. We continue along the Salzach, always present is a beautiful mountain backdrop. You can also get to the edge of the Hohe Tauern National Park – and if you have the time for a detour, you should also visit the Glockner-Kaprun and Grossglockner reservoirs.

The largest opened ice cave in the world, the Eisriesenwelt, is also on the Tauern Cycle Path – as is Hohenwerfen Castle, where there is a falconry demonstration. The route continues north along the Salzach, including the city of Salzburg, the Augustinian monastery in Reichsberg and Wernstein Castle, before you reach the destination of the route: the city of three rivers, Passau.

Route profile of the 320 kilometer long cycle path

In total, the Tauern Cycle Path is 320 kilometers long, with large parts of it along the Salzach. For shorter bike tours, you can shorten the journey through the Saalachtal to 270 kilometers, so you cycle back to Bruck. Due to the gradient, it is downhill most of the time – after all, Krimml is at an altitude of 1,076 meters. Salzburg, on the other hand, is located at an altitude of 425 meters, Passau is only just under 300 meters above sea level.

A tour on the Tauern Cycle Path takes you counter-clockwise through the country. More than 90 percent of the route runs along cycle paths and side streets with little traffic. About three quarters of the entire route is paved, the rest is covered with fine sand. For a bike tour, it is best to use light touring bikes and trekking bikes. With mountain bikes you can also dare to take an alpine detour. Since the Tauern Cycle Path is not very sporty, families with children can also dare to cycle along the Salzach. However, it is then advisable to choose the shorter variant through the Saalachtal. In order to cover the route with the highest possible comfort, you need the right saddle. In our little saddle customer we have summarized the most important criteria that you should pay attention to when buying a bicycle saddle.

Plan the most beautiful tours for hikers and cyclists online in advance with our tour planner.

They protrude from the upper floor, serve as a roof or house wall: rocks. This village is made of huge stones through and through, and even consists of them. We are talking about Monsanto, a small municipality in Portugal that is close to the border with Spain. The rock village is definitely worth a trip and is even mentioned in the travel guide of Lonely Planet, the truffle pig of the travel publishers. See the impressive architecture of Monsanto in our photo show.

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Rocks protect the residents

The picturesque village has been inhabited since the sixth century. At this time, the settlers began to build their houses around the granite rocks, as these offered them protection from all weather conditions. None of the rocks was ever removed; the residents saw them more as a blessing than a plague. And even over the centuries that Monsanto has existed, one thing has not changed: the rocks have always been used to build houses.

The "most portuguese village"

The village won a national competition more than 80 years ago and has since held the title of "most Portuguese village". Not least for this reason, the locals try to avoid modernization work. Those who visit Monsanto can either stroll down the alleys or enjoy a view of the mountain landscape – but not much more. Even the Lonely Planet travel guide writes: "Monsanto is so small that you can really only choose between two directions: either up to the castle or down to the parking lot." But this is not meant in a derogatory way, because it continues to say: "The rest is a compact collection of streets that are wonderful to explore without a destination." So it’s perfect for a stroll through the historic village.

Photo show: Monsanto, the rock village Photo show: The Casa do Penedo in Fafe Photo show: Ronda – the town on the edge

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It is undisputed that Germany offers many beautiful opportunities for hiking. But which hiking trail is topadultreview.com the most beautiful? The trade magazine "Hiking magazine" had asked for a vote and has now chosen Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail in 2013. We do not want to withhold the result from you. You can also see where you can find the popular hiking trail in our photo show.

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Ten competitors

The Eltzer Burgpanorama dream path near the Moselle is closed "Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail 2013" has been chosen. Second place went to the dream loop copper-jasper path in the Herrstein community in the Birkenfeld district. To the vote that had "Hiking magazine" called, the journal gathered 13,800 votes between the beginning of January and the end of June. The Eltzer Burgpanorama dream path in the district of Mayen-Koblenz prevailed with 27.8 percent out of a total of ten competitors, announced the Rhein-Mosel-Eifel-Touristik in Koblenz.

First public vote this year

Hikers have to work out the views of Eltz Castle over a distance of 12.6 kilometers and an altitude of almost 400 meters. The second-placed copper-jasper path leads almost 20 kilometers through the Hunsrück. The waterfall trail in the southern Black Forest was chosen in third place. The hiking magazine has been honoring the most beautiful hiking trails every year since 2006, in 2013 for the first time as a public vote. According to the tourist office, it is already the third title for the dream paths in the Rhine-Moselle-Eifel region "Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail". In 2008 the "Virne Castle Path" 2011 the "Monreal accolade". The latest award is to be presented on September 7th at the TourNatur hiking and trekking fair in Düsseldorf.

Photo show: The Eltz Castle Panorama dream path Photo show: The most beautiful hiking trails in the Alps

Further information:

Traumpfade Rhein-Mosel-Eifel: www.traumpfade.info/home Kupfer-Jasper -pfad: www.saar-hunsrueck-steig.de/traumschleifen_kupfer_jaspis_pfad.phpAre you on Facebook? Then become a fan of t-online.de Reisen!

The former listening system on the Wasserkuppe is located behind 35 centimeter thick reinforced concrete walls. Radome domes have shaped Hesse’s highest mountain for 50 years. From here allies and the armed forces once overheard what the enemy was planning in the east. Today there are tours through the last remaining listening system, which was a restricted area and barracks. See the Wasserkuppe in our photo show.

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Photo show: The Wasserkuppe, the former agent’s nest Photo show: Atomic bunker in Ilbenstadt Photo show: The secret bunker of the Leipzig Stasi Photo show: A hiding place in the Eifel that is safe from nuclear bombs

Today the agent’s nest is empty

The 24-meter-high spherical building sits enthroned on the Wasserkuppe, the highest point in Hesse, like an oversized football. The gray facade of the radome shines in the sun. But it has long since stopped intercepting radio signals, the former agent’s nest is empty. In the meantime, the former listening station of the Allies and the Bundeswehr on the 950 meter high mountain has developed into a popular excursion destination.

8,000 visitors per year

Marc-Alexander Glunde is the name of the man who is the memory of this place and who also as "Radome" wants to keep the designated dome awake. "The radome has always fascinated me" says the social worker from Gersfeld. Many episodes of glider and military history could be retold on Hesse’s highest mountain – from the first glider flights from 1911 to the Nazi era, the conversion of the glider school into a barracks, to the eavesdropping activities during the Cold War. "There is great interest in these topics" says Glunde. He and other Radom friends offer tours that last around two hours several times a month. According to him, around 8,000 visitors come every year.

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35 centimeter thick reinforced concrete walls

On one of the most recent tours, more than 40 visitors come to the listening system, where a journey through time to the Cold War begins behind the entrance gate of the Radom building. Curiously, they push their way through the narrow, neon-lit staircase and look into the hall, which once housed sensitive monitoring electronics and the 50 square meter antenna. Around a dozen soldiers worked 24 hours a day in the monitoring system. It must have been a bit like being in prison: the 35 centimeter thick walls were made of reinforced concrete, none of the 7.50 meter high rooms had windows. The wiretapping took place without daylight and at constant temperatures. "In winter it was exhausting" says Glunde. The barracks area was secured against unwelcome visitors with high fences and barbed wire.

At the same time 1500 aircraft in sight

X-rays were the weapon against the enemy. The airspace of the entire GDR, half of Poland and France as well as the Alps could be monitored with the radar device: the eavesdropping specialists had around 1,500 aircraft as small points of light on the screen at the same time and evaluated the data, as Norbert Demel explains. The former staff sergeant worked as an electronics specialist on the Wasserkuppe for 15 years and also leads through the radome. In a multi-level evaluation system, the most important information was passed on to higher-level departments.

The listening post in Hessen

Since the end of the Second World War, Hesse’s highest mountain was listening post. At times there were five radomes on the summit. According to local researcher Joachim Jenrich, the first went into operation in 1962. The location was ideal: The Wasserkuppe is the highest point in the region and the inner-German border was only five kilometers away.

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